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特定非営利活動法人日本小児循環器学会 Japanese Society of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery
Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery 36(3): 232-238 (2020)


集中治療専門医制度における小児循環器領域の課題Issue of Specialist Registration for Intensive and Critical Care in Pediatric Cardiology in Japan

東京大学医学部小児科Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo ◇ Tokyo, Japan

受付日:2020年3月15日Received: March 15, 2020
受理日:2020年5月12日Accepted: May 12, 2020
発行日:2020年10月1日Published: October 1, 2020




結果:集中治療専門医を有する医師は小児科専門医の0.6%(99/16,545名),小児循環器専門医の1.1% (6/538名)であり,地方21県においていずれも不在であった.小児循環器関連施設(170施設)中,集中治療専門医研修施設認定は56%(96/170名)と低値であり,大学病院・総合病院においては専門医取得困難な環境が推察された.都道府県別の小児年齢の特定集中治療室算定数と集中治療専門医を有する小児科専門医の医師数との比較では都市部に医師が多く,小児特定集中治療室管理料は全国の約20%の普及にとどまるのみであった.


Background: Role of specialist of pediatric critical care is significant, especially for management of congenital heart diseases because most critical cardiac patients have been cared by pediatric cardiologists or cardiovascular surgeons in Japan.

Objects: To clarify future issues in the field of critical care in pediatric cardiology by investigating current situation of board certification and medical insurance in Japan.

Methods: In this study, we investigated relationship between board certification and situation of training centers for the board-certified intensivist with pediatric cardiologists, pediatric cardiac surgeons and pediatricians in Japan from databases of official registration in the website.

Results: Only 0.6% of board-certified pediatricians and 1.1% of board-certified pediatric cardiologists obtained board-certified intensivist. Certification of training center is 56% in all pediatric cardiac hospitals and their training systems is not appropriate for pediatricians because of lack of pediatric intensive care units especially in most university hospitals or general hospitals. There is a gap between cities and regional area in the number of board-certified pediatricians with board certified intensivists.

Conclusions: Significant gaps of board certification and medical insurance are recognized among regional areas in Japan requiring improvement of system and current situation in the field of critical care of pediatric cardiology.

Key words: intensive care; critical care; specialist; pediatric cardiologist; pediatric cardiac surgeon

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