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特定非営利活動法人日本小児循環器学会 Japanese Society of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery
Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery 33(1): 36-42 (2017)


全身性系統疾患における心臓移植の適応と限界:神経筋疾患を中心にThe Indication for Orthotopic Heart Transplantation for Systemic Disease Patients: With a Focus on Neuromuscular Diseases

東京女子医科大学循環器小児科Development of Postgraduate Cardiogy, Tokyo Women’s Medical University, Tokyo, Japan

発行日:2017年1月1日Published: January 1, 2017


The indication for orthotopic heart transplantation (HTx) is limited to those who fulfill the indication criteria and those who are anticipated to recover quality of life by HTx. Thus, those who suffer from cancer or other systemic diseases that progress and involve multiple organs are not considered to be HTx candidates. However, not all patients with neuromuscular dystrophy are considered to be HTx candidates; there is a group of patients who could be considered to be HTx candidates under certain conditions. In this review, I will explain the indications for HTx for the pediatric population in Japan and discuss the conditional indications for those who have systemic diseases.

Key words: heart transplantation; systemic disease; neuromuscular dystrophy; ventricular assist device

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